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The UK’s leading Folding Roof Specialist.

We are the experts in mechanical hood repairs and Cayman Autos is one of a kind in the UK. We will find the most cost-effective and practical solution to the mechanical roof repair on your convertible hood or Panoramic sunroof.

We also specialise with water ingress issues. If water is a problem with your convertible roof or sunroof, we will locate the point of entry and carry out repairs to resolve.

We have a huge customer base from all over the country and further. We are happy to discuss and suggest options available to you if you are not local to Dorking. Please call to discuss.

“To my absolute delight whilst nipping into Guildford for lunch on the train (17 minutes from Dorking!) Adam called to confirm the car roof was fixed and he would collect me from the station in it. I cannot not recommend this team more highly, the customer service is great, the workshop is clean, value for money, but most of all their knowledge of these kinds of problems is amazing and that is what counts when you have an expensive car!”

Thanks, Natasha

(Cayman Autos Customer)

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