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  • Mini Cooper S
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Known fault with Mini convertible roof cables

Cayman have recently seen a huge up turn in the number of Mini convertible roofs requiring repair. There appears to be a common fault with broken roof cables. Customers have experienced the roof only folding back on one side when operated or not working at all.

Is your Mini suffering with any of the following problems?

  • Problems with hood
  • “My convertible Mini roof does not work”
  • Mini Boot Lid catch doesn’t release
  • Red/Yellow hood symbol is flashing
  • Mini Roof system stops halfway
  • Problems with hydraulics
  • Roof jams halfway through sequence
  • Top operation ceases
  • Mini Roof malfunction
  • Roof top lock switch
  • Wear patches from rubbing of roof mechanism
  • Mini Position sensor
  • Fault – switch position – implausible signal
  • Reset sensor values
  • Potentiometer
  • Frame position sensors
  • Recalibration of roof
  • Tension bow has fallen out of range
  • Mini Roof pump failure
  • Mini Roof motor failure
  • Roof only works one way
  • Mini Roof ECU coding
  • Windows not dropping
  • Mini Hydraulic fluid leaks
  • Water ingress
  • Noisy roof operation
  • Slow movement through roof operation
  • Tonneau snags
  • Micro sensors
  • Mini Roof ECU
  • Mini Hood ECU
  • Roof warning light
  • Roof failure sound
  • Roof alignment
  • Hood alignment
  • Mini Split hoses
  • Mini Leaking Rams
  • Leaking hoses
  • Mini Wiring loom
  • Bonging sound
  • Roof position reset
  • Roof operation not possible
  • Mini Boot will not open
  • Mini Boot will not close
  • Failure to complete closure at last stage
  • Mini Flap motors not working
  • Mini Flap motors stuck

BMW Mini charge a high diagnostic fee, and confirm they rarely replace the cables and opt for a full replacement roof, quoting between three and four thousand pounds to fit.

Whilst this will indeed solve the problem, it is completely unnecessary.

Cayman Autos can replace the broken cables at a fraction of this cost – Please call to discuss and obtain quote.

Cayman Autos Proprietor, Adam Davey is a fully trained and qualified BMW Mini technician, working for the BMW Mini Group prior to setting up Cayman Autos, forming part of his comprehensive knowledge and skills for servicing and maintaining all makes and models of the Mini Range.

Cayman Autos has the highest quality equipment to ensure your Mini is looked after correctly and maintained to the highest standards.

We emphasise on accurate diagnosis and efficient and thorough repairs, using the latest technology and diagnostic equipment.

Whilst this can be a complex repair, the savings are huge compared to main dealers.

If you are looking for Mini Convertible repair and servicing feel free to contact Cayman Auto Services and make an appointment.

Please call us on 01306 885566 to arrange – we are able to diagnose the fault and give an estimate on the cost of repairs prior to commencing the work.

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“I recently had a problem with my 05 BMW Mini Cooper S. The roof when in operation to open didn’t fold back on one side. I had taken it to BMW and was charged £100 plus vat for diagnosing a problem that they could only solve with a full hood replacement. They quoted between 3/4 thousand pounds to fit.

After speaking to Adam at Cayman Autos, he confirmed that he had seen many of these faults and was absolutely certain the roof cables that were broken could be replaced. After leaving my vehicle with him for a few hours I was thrilled that indeed the problem had been resolved, and now my hood is completely functional and the cost of repair only a fraction of BMW’s quote for full replacement.

The service at Cayman’s is very professional and friendly. I will certainly recommend to others and take my car back there for any of my cars requirements”

(Customer – Redhill)

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