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As Henry Ford once said “Don’t find fault – find a remedy” - I do not like to be beaten!

Our expertise will ensure your cabriolet is working

We understand that being the UK’s only convertible roof specialist, many of our customers have a distance to travel for the services we offer. We are happy to offer solutions to the dynamics for getting your vehicle to our workshop.

Whilst we see many repairs that are similar, we do need to diagnose the fault that is particular to your car. Not all faults are the same, and it is crucial that it is diagnosed correctly.

Most customers grab a coffee and have a wander in our town whilst we carry out our diagnosis – we will then call you and discuss the most practical way forward for you, your vehicle and any journey you have to make.

Since Cayman Autos has been established, Adam and his team of technicians have a wide and varied specialist knowledge in all makes and models of convertible hoods. We have built on our knowledge in this field since 2005 to enable us to fully understand and repair every make and model of convertible car.

We believe in providing excellent customer service and we follow a code of conduct.

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Meet the Cayman Autos Team

Team Profiles

After years of training, hard work, and dedication, I am now the proud owner of the UK’s leading folding roof repair shop — Cayman Autos. I feel that the success of Cayman Autos can be attributed to the incredible team that has joined me on this wonderful journey. They are as passionate about cabriolets as I am, and focused on delivering world-class customer service

Don’t be mistaken – boundaries are still pushed, both in my professional life and on the race track. I continue to use strategic and creative ways of thinking to improve Cayman Autos and the services we provide.”

Adam’s career started at a local independent mechanic. He quickly moved through BMW, Mercedes and Porsche franchises, learning how to repair many different types of luxury vehicles. He soon realised that there was a distinct lack of professionals with the expertise and knowledge necessary to correctly repair cabriolet roof systems. Soon after this realisation, he established Cayman Autos to provide this essential service to cabriolet owners across the United Kingdom.

Building Cayman Autos involved a huge investment in diagnostic equipment for every make and model imaginable. This ensured that all work was performed according to the highest standards. This drive to be the best-of-the-best was soon rewarded with numerous awards including the Best Folding Roof Specialist 2018 UK Enterprise Award.

Adam strives for excellence in himself and every member of staff that works at Cayman. This resulted in Cayman Autos developing a stellar reputation in the automotive industry and the specialist field of folding roof repairs.The passion that Adam has for cabriolets can be seen in the standard of work that is performed. It is the reason why Cayman Autos are the market leader for repairs to cabriolet roof systems.

Adam doesn’t give himself much opportunity to enjoy himself outside of his Cabriolet Empire – however he still finds time to enjoy his passion for motor racing with regular appearances in the Mini Challenge. Unlike most mechanics, Adam loves a challenge when it comes to a folding roof. He finds diagnosing uncommon faults and working with new vehicles quite exciting. 

His drive to continually develop as a folding roof technician means he is willing to take on tasks too difficult for others. For those roof systems that have been at other garages and masked the original fault – where no one else has been able find the fault – Adam can!

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Dan joined the workshop in October 2018 after seeing our job advert;

“The role would be suited to someone with a logical thought process. A team player – that can draw on their analytical, creative and academic skills”

Dan fitted the bill perfectly – looking for a new role and challenge with the opportunity to build a career within Cayman Autos.
Dan previously worked as a bike technician for a large retail organisation, and has come equipped to our team with great communication skills and customer service.

Dan has always enjoyed practical application and is very hands on – already a key member of our team and has been quick to learn new skills and has embraced the water ingress repairs with open arms and wellie boots!

Outside of work Dan’s main passion is Art – attending UCA in Epsom following High School and has his own portfolio website detailing his work- loves portraits and has also illustrated a couple of books that have been published. Dan is very creative and artistic and has also airbrushed a couple of custom Yamaha motorcycle tanks.

We all need to watch out for Dan – slim and slight built however has a black belt 3rd Dan in Karate – and has achieved this over a period of 14 years.
Dan enjoys the satisfaction of a repair – seeing the vehicle coming to the workshop with a fault and not working – knowing that our specialist skills will turn around the repair – usually customers need to travel miles for our expertise and Dan is proud to be a member of our elite team of cabriolet roof specialists.

Dan’s favourite cabriolet is the new Jaguar F Type – one of the ludicrous soundtracks on sale. A little bit about the F type ; Although practicality and versatility aren’t often a deal breakers for convertible sports-car buyers, they do merit consideration if you’ll be using the car often. The F-Type is relatively accommodating for two, and – although the boot is fairly small at 200 litres – folding the roof down doesn’t reduce space any further. That’s true when the roof is down, at least, because with the canvas hood – or better still, the Coupe’s fixed metal roof – protecting your eardrums from the worst of the din, the SVR’s soundtrack can be quite fun, albeit in an unsophisticated, attention-seeking sort of way.

So to sum Dan up – an attention seeking, artistic petrol head wrapped neatly with a black belt in Karate – He fits in perfectly!! (or something like that)

The Team at Work

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