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Meet the team – Adam Davey

Meet Adam Davey

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Adam’s career started at a local independent mechanic. He quickly moved through BMW, Mercedes and Porsche franchises, learning how to repair many different types of luxury vehicles.

He soon realised that there was a distinct lack of professionals with the expertise and knowledge necessary to correctly repair cabriolet roof systems. Soon after this realisation, he established Cayman Autos to provide this essential service to cabriolet owners across the United Kingdom.

Building Cayman Autos involved a huge investment in diagnostic equipment for every make and model imaginable. This ensured that all work was performed according to the highest standards. This drive to be the best-of-the-best was soon rewarded with numerous awards including the Best Folding Roof Specialist 2018 UK Enterprise Award.

Adam strives for excellence in himself and every member of staff that works at Cayman. This resulted in Cayman Autos developing a stellar reputation in the automotive industry and the specialist field of folding roof repairs.

The passion that Adam has for cabriolets can be seen in the standard of work that is performed. It is the reason why Cayman Autos are the market leader for repairs to cabriolet roof systems.

Adam doesn’t give himself much opportunity to enjoy himself outside of his Cabriolet Empire – however he still finds time to enjoy his passion for motor racing with regular appearances in the Mini Challenge.

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Unlike most mechanics, Adam loves a challenge when it comes to a folding roof. He finds diagnosing uncommon faults and working with new vehicles quite exciting. His drive to continually develop as a folding roof technician means he is willing to take on tasks too difficult for others. For those roof systems that have been at other garages and masked the original fault – where no one else has been able find the fault – Adam can!


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