Convertible Hood Maintenance Program | Annual Soft Top Services

Convertible Hood Maintenance Program

Maintaining and Servicing your Soft Top Hood Annually

Cabriolet roof systems are a luxury and often admired by our friends and family giving appeal to open-top driving in the UK in the spring and summer season.

However, whilst drivers always give thought and schedule engine services and routine maintenance under the bonnet, little attention is usually given to the convertible roof mechanism. As a nation of convertible lovers we assume that whilst we rarely take the soft top down or at the very least for only 6 months of the year, the intricate roof mechanism should continue to work without consideration.

We see many cabriolet owners and their vehicles throughout the year and these vehicles can vary in age from 3 year old vehicles to sometimes up to 30 years old. The roof systems can deteriorate with age and require an annual service, just as you would expect any other mechanical item.

Annual Convertible Roof Service

£80 plus vat (£96)

Whilst a service will not rectify failing components or rectify a faulty roof operation, greasing the pivot points, checking for hydraulic leaks and reporting on the condition of the seals is well worth considering if you are looking for trouble free soft top motoring.

If you have recently bought a vehicle with a convertible roof, it may be worth a visit to get a health check for your pre owned cabriolet.

At Cayman Autos we offer this as a “While you Wait” service and it takes around an hour – £96 is a great price to know your cabriolet is in good hands and perhaps summer ready or put away for the winter months after hard use on those sunny days.

annual convertible roof service

Convertible Drain Clearance Service

Prices start from £40 plus vat (£48)

Soft and hard top folding roof systems mostly have front and rear drains that need to kept clear and free flowing. Often road dirt can block these drains and water can then build up and spill over into the cabin or boot area. 

Why not ensure these are kept clear? It is easily preventable and we need your vehicle for around half an hour (for most vehicles).

Example of drains being cleared

Water ingress can be a serious problem for convertible cars. Take a look at this example from a BMW e93 with a serious drain blockage. See our water ingress repair service for more details or call for advice.


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