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BMW E46 Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs

We specialise in solving BMW E46 convertible roof repairs

The BMW E46 soft top cabriolet made its debut in May 2000 – BMW took a couple of years to release the drop-top version, a common trend that shows the development from saloon/coupe to cabriolet is more than a tin-opener design.

The BMW E46, fourth generation BMW 3 Series was the last classic fabric soft-top, replaced by its’ hard-top folding roof system of the BMW E93.

The BMW E46 stood its’ test of time with BMW, making performance changes and the arrival of the powerful M3 convertible with sequential SMG gearbox offered just a year or so later from the launch.

Despite the age of these popular vehicles, parts for the convertible roof repairs are still widely available across the new, refurbished and second-hand markets.

Why use us for your BMW E30 roof repairs?

Discounted rates

We diagnose and repair faults accurately, at a considerably discounted rate in comparison to BMW dealerships.

Knowledge and expertise

We have dedicated our knowledge and expertise to the convertible roof system and fully understand every BMW soft top and convertible model.

High quality equipment

We have the highest quality equipment to ensure your BMW 3 series is looked after correctly and maintained to the highest standards.

Accurate, efficient diagnosis

We emphasise on accurate diagnosis and efficient and thorough repairs using the latest technology and diagnostic equipment.

1 year warranty

We guarantee our repairs with the minimum of a 1 year warranty.

All roof faults serviced

We service a full range of faults, simply let us know in the contact form or give us a call.

Common BMW 3 Series soft top and convertible roof problems

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