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Vauxhall Astra G/Vauxhall Astra Bertone Soft Top and Convertible Roof Repairs

Cayman specialise in solving Vauxhall soft top and Vauxhall Twin Top convertible roof repairs

If you are suffering from a wet cabin or boot area in your Vauxhall Astra G, contact us and we can talk you through the steps that lead to water reduction in your cherished cabriolet.
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The Vauxhall Astra G soft top came to the cabriolet market in 2001 and was replaced by its’ successor the Vauxhall Astra Twin Top in Spring 2006. The fabric folding roof system offers owners a stylish and affordable four seater convertible in its class, with the added benefit of a fair sized boot for luggage.

The hydraulic soft top roof system can be operated remotely – ahead of some of its rivals at the time that the roof could be raised or lowered without even being in the vehicle. The roof itself is a three-layer affair and the rear window glass is heated and scratch-resistant. An option extra was the must-have windbreaker (that slots behind the front seats to keep interior buffeting to a minimum at speed) which slots neatly away on rails when not needed.

Parts for these vehicles are becoming scarce, however we do have options for repairs, offering refurbished and aftermarket components.

Like all soft top cabriolets they have their faults and in particular, lack of attention to care and maintenance can lead to water ingress and the usual electrical and mechanical faults caused by water damage on the operational roof system.

Why use us for your Vauxhall repairs?

Discounted rates

We diagnose and repair faults accurately, at a considerably discounted rate in comparison to Vauxhall dealerships.

Knowledge and expertise

We have dedicated our knowledge and expertise to the convertible roof system and fully understand every Vauxhall soft top and convertible model.

High quality equipment

We have the highest quality equipment to ensure your Vauxhall Astra G is looked after correctly and maintained to the highest standards.

Accurate, efficient diagnosis

We emphasise on accurate diagnosis and efficient and thorough repairs using the latest technology and diagnostic equipment.

1 year warranty

We guarantee our repairs with the minimum of a 1 year warranty.

All roof faults serviced

We service a full range of faults, simply let us know in the contact form or give us a call.


The alarm on your Astra Twin Top hard top convertible may be warning you whilst driving over a certain speed that the cabriolet roof system is not locked in placed correctly or the convertible roof system is not recognising the sequence has completed and closed correctly.

There is a fault with your convertible roof and this needs to be diagnosed correctly to establish the repair required.

Main dealer Vauxhall Tech 2 equipment is required to access the hard top convertible roof system on your Vauxhall Astra Twin Top.

It is possible to manually close the roof system if you have access to the boot area on your Astra Twin Top, however it is fairly complicated and without doubt a 2 person job. Refer to your owner’s handbook and take care not to apply or force pressure to any roof component as this can cause further damage and break parts unnecessarily.
The roof ECU is the computer that centralises the roof operation and communications for all the roof components within your Astra Twin Top convertible. Diagnostic equipment is able to draw fault codes from this unit. This however does not provide the user with the repair required – simply it guides to the location of the fault and further investigation with the vehicle is required to diagnose the repair required.

Common Vauxhall Astra G/ Vauxhall Astra Bertone soft top and convertible roof problems

Which Vauxhall models do we repair?


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