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Ferrari 360: What to look for and why buy?

Cayman Autos guide to the Ferrari 360

Born out of concern for the future of the business, the Ferrari 360 was part of a major shake-up for the car company. The 80s and 90s saw Ferrari lose much of its passionate customer base. Primarily due to some deviation from their traditional look and feel.

In 1991, the company saw a turn of fortune with the return of the former Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo. His goal was to regain Ferrari’s position as a leader both in Formula 1 and within the exotic car world.

This was achieved in the most part via the launch of the Ferrari 360 Modena.

The 360 Modena was the first car designed under Montezemolo which features a V8-powered engine. A huge part of its appeal was that it was both larger, lighter and faster than its predecessor the Ferrari F355. Despite being out designed in terms of speed by modern exotic cars, the Ferrari 360 is still spectacularly fast, even by today’s standards.

There are many reasons that the Ferrari 360 appeals to exotic car lovers. In this article, we explore some of these reasons and give some examples of things to look out for when buying this fantastic car.

Ferrari 360: What’s the appeal?


When it comes to purchasing an exotic car, we are never going to be playing with small change – this is especially true when it comes to the highly desirable brand of Ferrari. However, when it comes to the sliding scale of high-end vehicles, the Ferrari 360 is relatively affordable.

Take a quick browse through AutoTrader and there are models of this car in good condition ranging from £45k through to £120k. This makes the Ferrari 360 one of the most affordable Ferrari models available on the market and in our opinion one of the most desirable entry-level exotic cars you can get your hands on.

Also worth noting is the fact that this model appears to have fully depreciated, meaning you are unlikely to lose large amounts of money when buying and selling this vehicle.

Classic Nature

With the interesting backstory and the original Ferrari 360 Modena being released in 1991 and other models including the Spider being released in 2000, this model is truly becoming a classic car amongst collectors. As time goes on, the refined design of the Ferrari 360 is going to continue to increase in desirability.


We don’t need to say much about the design behind this stunning car. For the most part, the videos and images widely available online do all the talking.

The outline of this sleek car has become synonymous with the Ferrari brand, recognisable before you even get a chance to catch a glimpse of the famous badge. As with the majority of Ferraris, this car oozes class and this is a massive factor in why people choose to invest in these impressive vehicles.

The Drive

Another key reason for Ferrari investment is the superior drive experience. Without a doubt, the Ferrari 360 is no exception to this rule. The first thing you notice when turning the key in the ignition is the sound the V8s give off.

Easy to drive, this car is just as comfortable for a trip to the shops as it is picking some serious speed. The available Sports Mode makes for an incredible drive, making upshifts even quicker and downshifts seamless.

Sports Mode also makes the suspension noticeable firmer, which is great for smooth roads and aggressive driving. However, the standard suspension set up allows for a more comfortable ride via active suspension adapting to speed, braking and acceleration. 

Common concerns

Like with all older vehicles, there are some specific and common concerns held by Ferrari 360 owners. In this section we explore some of these examples, making it clear what to look out for and take into consideration when purchasing a Ferrari 360. 

Ferrari 360 Spider: Roof Issues

The Ferrari 360 Spider model comes with a convertible roof, which itself produces unique issues.

When the roof retracts on this model there is a common fault with a bar in the roof itself not retracting properly. This leads to the cover which is supposed to sit snugly over the retracted roof being propped up above where it is supposed to be.

This can be remedied via manual intervention, simply pushing the bar into the correct position. However, doing so doesn’t typically complement the overall style and feel of such a sleek and classy car.

Learn more about our Ferrari convertible roof repairs.


It should come as no surprise that this superfast, 3.6L car takes a lot of fuel to get moving. Those with enough cash to buy and maintain this vehicle are unlikely to be massively concerned about fuel costs. Running at an average of 14.6 mpg does mean you need some serious spare change to keep it filled up.

Expensive Maintenance

As these cars get older, it will become increasingly common that various parts will need maintenance and replacement. This can be another costly process, which many do not budget for when buying such a vehicle.

For example, there are general concerns about the lifespan of the vehicle’s clutch. Although if you really do your research, much of this concern are due to poorly driven cars needing regular clutch replacements.

Oil changes, breaks and timing belts are all common maintenance issues. These are also costly to get fixed on this vehicle. We recommend exploring these costs and their occurrence before opting to buy this car.

We can see that there are some common issues that occur when buying the Ferrari 360. It is also clear that if you have the money to take care of it the trade-off is worth it.

Although not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. These cars are certainly a bargain for those seeking to own an exotic vehicle with bags of personality and prestige.

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