International Convertible Roof Repairs | Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden

International Convertible Roof Repairs

Repairing convertible car roofs for customers abroad

In recent years we have seen an increasing number of overseas visitors with their misdiagnosed and malfunctioning Cabriolet Roof Systems.

Experience in this niche market is scarce throughout the UK and further afield. Customers have made the journey to Cayman Auto Services in Surrey from Spain, France, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland to get their cherished Convertible Roof Systems working and summer ready.

We understand the gap in the Convertible Roof market and the lack of experience in this area of vehicle diagnosis.

Accurate diagnosis and repair

Main dealers struggle with accurate diagnosis, despite having the correct and most up-to-date Cabriolet Diagnostic Tools. It takes expertise and experience to read and interpret the communication codes in a vehicle’s Convertible Roof System.

The complex diagnostic codes from a Cabriolet Roof System, together with the vehicle’s faults and malfunction in the workshop, gives Cayman Auto Services the ability to diagnose and provide effective and cost efficient repairs.

We'll make your journey worthwhile

The value of the Cabriolet vehicle in question is always a consideration, however we can help if you are willing to make the journey to our workshop in Redhill.

We will always have the most common parts in stock for your vehicle ahead of your visit to ensure a quick turnaround for your UK stay.

Correct diagnosis is key – we can evaluate your symptoms and reported malfunction and assess what parts we may need.

Developing our reputation on an International level

We want to spread the reputation of Cayman Auto Services across the UK and Internationally.

We CAN and WILL be able to repair your Convertible Roof Problem – we need your vehicle, your time, cooperation and patience whilst we diagnose and repair.

Same day diagnosis and repair

Where possible we will diagnose and repair the Convertible Roof Fault on the day of your visit.

We are 20 minutes by train to London – try timing a visit to the UK’s Capital and breathe in the atmosphere of London and its attractions whilst your Cabriolet is in our safe hands.


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