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Last Minute Stocking Filler Ideas for Your Car

The holiday season is upon us and although some of us had our shopping done ages ago to avoid the madness of the December crowds, some of us like to wait until the very last minute to grab our few bits and pieces (sound familiar?). Of course, at Cayman Autos we’re always here to help, though usually with your convertible roofs BUT we also thought a list of stocking fillers for your car would help you out as well…

Happy Shopping!

The Henry Car Bin:



Most of us are guilty, the random tossing of rubbish into the rear of the car, the mad dash to clean up your vehicle when mom is waiting at the airport to be picked up… well the Henry Car Bin will sort you out and at the very least keep your junk in one place for easy disposal… plus… look at that face! How could you say no? Buy Here.

The Grippy:



Don’t be slipping and sliding, drive safe by sticking your mobile onto this handy grip pad for your car. Made of silicon, the Grippy is heat and water resistant keep your mobile and other accessories in place while you drive. Buy Here.
Non-Spill Dog Bowl:



This one is pretty impressive… a water bowl for your pets that doesn’t spill… heck, many of us would use this even for inside our homes for our furry but sloppy best friends to use… It also limits the amount of water your pet can drink while driving to avoid drink driving (ha-ha, just joking) and unnecessary bathroom breaks or urinary accidents while on the road. Buy Here.

Yankee Candle Air Freshener:



One of our favourite scented candle companies have come out with some fabulous car fresheners to get out those lingering car smells (what is that anyway?)… Also great for the more budget conscious individual, these lavishly scented fresheners come in over 20 scents. Our favourite is the fresh fluffy towels. Buy Here.

The Yeti Snow Scraper Glove:



We love this winter necessity; it cleans the ice off your car and keeps your paws warm in style… Need we say more? Buy Here.

Well there you have it folks, five great ideas for those special car owners on your good list…

From the team at Cayman Autos, we wish you a very happy and safe holiday season!

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