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Spring into Summer With Your Mercedes Convertible

Summer is almost upon us and car manufacturers are about to release some exciting new cabriolets!  Mercedes-Benz is leading the way with two new models — a luxurious S-Class Cabriolet and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet.  These vehicles are both absolutely stunning and are sure to be popular this year. 

The New S-Class Cabriolet — The Pinnacle of Luxury

The S-Class remains the flagship vehicle for Mercedes-Benz.  It delivers a level of luxury far beyond that provided by most other vehicle manufacturers.  Revealed at the 2015 Frankfurt motor show, this cabriolet received a lot of attention with its refined exterior and new interior options.

It’s certainly not cheap to obtain a vehicle of this quality, with prices for the S-Class Cabriolet starting £110,120!  There will be three versions of the S-Class cabriolet:

  • S 500 with a 449bhp twin-turbo 4.7-litre V8 engine — starting at £110,120
  • S 63 AMG with a 577bhp 5.5-litre bi-turbo V8 engine — starting at £135,675
  • S 65 AMG with a 621bhp V12 engine — starting at £192,805

The S-Class cabriolet has the same modern appearance as the S-Class coupe, with a long bonnet, swept-back front end and a low windscreen.  With the electric folding roof in the up position, the vehicle is virtually identical to the coupe.  The rear of the cabriolet is slightly longer than the coupe to accommodate the convertible roof.  When upright, the convertible roof has a slightly more upright rear window than the coupe window.

The retractable roof uses a technologically advanced multi-layer lining to reduce road noise transmission.  It has a butyl outer coating and double glazing to keep the vehicle very well insulated — in fact, it may be the best insulated soft top that is currently on the market.   

The roof can fold down at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour and raising or lowering the roof takes approximately 20 seconds.  The car features very effective wind deflectors to reduce the amount of draft in the vehicle when the roof is down.

Mercedes-Benz has included an innovative Thermotronic climate control system that compensates for the lowered roof and temperature changes in real-time.  The sensors that are used by the system can even detect if harmful gasses have entered the vehicle’s cabin!  If you are looking for a very high-end cabriolet, you have found what you are looking for!    

The New C-Class Cabriolet — Sporty and Fun!

Mercedes-Benz C-class cabriolet-2

Launched at the Geneva Motor Show, this is the first C-Class cabriolet to be released by Mercedes-Benz.  It features similar dimensions to the C-Class coupe, albeit slightly taller.  It will be available in eight different engine configurations — with two diesel engines and six petrol engines to choose from.  The available models include the C180, C200, C250, C300, C400 and the Mercedes-AMG C43.

The fabric soft top on the C-Class can be opened or closed at speeds of up to 31mph.  It takes approximately 20 seconds for the convertible roof to open or close completely, with the roof being folded neatly into the boot.

The luxurious interior includes heat-reflecting leather and a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Airscarf heating system.  This cabriolet also features an Aircap system to prevent drafts from entering the vehicle.  The Mercedes-Benz C-Class starts at a slightly more affordable £30,995!

Mercedes-Benz Cabriolets That we Often Service

Cayman Auto Services often work with Mercedes-Benz cabriolets.  The most common models that we see in the shop are the Mercedes-Benz SL, Mercedes-Benz CLK, and Mercedes-Benz SLK.  They are beautiful vehicles but they can sometimes have mechanical roof failure if not properly maintained!

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R230 Vario model

2006-2008 Mercedes-Benz SL 350-3

Launched in 2002, the SL-Class was immediately very popular.  Unfortunately, it is one of the most common Mercedes-Benz vehicles that we see in the shop with convertible roof problems. 

This model suffers from water ingress with moisture often reaching the electrical components of the roof.  Once the water has reached the electrical components it can corrode the roof pump and make it inoperable. 

To help Mercedes-Benz owners restore functionality to their beloved vehicle, we offer refurbished roof pumps and repair areas where water has reached.  Our technicians can also ensure that the boot is watertight, preventing future problems.

Mercedes-Benz CLK R208 & R209 Models

Mercedes-benz CLK 209

The Mercedes-Benz CLK is a luxurious 4-seat convertible that also sold very well on launch.  Folding fabric roofs were first added to the CLK range in the late 1990s and were immediately popular with buyers.  It was an innovative addition at the time, with the roof having several layers of fabric to reduce heat transfer, wind and noise.

The CLK 209 was one of the first to incorporate a fully electric roof.  Unfortunately, we often see the vehicle in the shop with water ingress, switch and wiring faults, hydraulic ram faults and roof pump faults

Mercedes SLK-Class R171 Model

Mercedes-Benz SLK R171
This SLK-Class R171 was marketed towards young drivers who wanted a sporty convertible.  It is a two-seater with a solid folding metal roof.  While this is a fantastic vehicle and a ton of fun to drive, we often see them in our workshop.  They can suffer from  water ingress, switch and wiring faults, hydraulic ram faults and roof pump faults.

About Cayman Auto Services

Cayman Auto Services are the leading provider of convertible roof repairs in the United Kingdom.  We carry out repairs to cabriolets of any make and model — including the Mercedes-Benz SL, Mercedes-Benz CLK, Mercedes-Benz SLK, Vauxhall Twin Top, Tigras, Ferraris and the Bentley GTC.  If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us today on 01737 761 599.!

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