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The BMW 4 Series Cabriolet F33

The BMW 4 Series cabriolet F33 is one of the most stylish, sleek, and sophisticated vehicles ever released by the German automobile manufacturer. It combines excellent performance with a luxurious exterior — just what the average cabriolet driver is looking for!

Released in 2014, the BMW 4 Series cabriolet F33 quickly became one of BMW’s most popular cabriolets. With prices starting around £35k, it was considered quite affordable considering its luxurious features and excellent performance.

The first BMW 4 Series Cabriolets that rolled off the production line in 2014 will reach the end of their manufacturer’s warranty this year. So, we thought we’d review this car’s electric folding roof and offer some advice on how to keep it in good working order!

The launch of the BMW 4 Series cabriolet F33

The first details of the BMW Concept 4 Series were revealed in 2012, with the first concept car being displayed at the 2013 North American Auto Show. The 4 Series convertible was unveiled later that year at the Tokyo Motor Show and launched in 2014 in Las Vegas.
Initially, the BMW 4 Series cabriolet F33 offered the petrol-engined 428i and 435i, and the diesel-engined 420d. A version of the 4 Series cabriolet featuring the all-wheel drive xDrive technology was released a few months later.

The exterior of the F44 has the same styling as the other BMW 4 series vehicles. It is a very sleek and elegant-looking cabriolet, which is one of the reasons for its incredible popularity.

A technologically advanced folding roof
The most impressive feature of the BMW 4 series cabriolet is its metal folding roof. Its design is so seamless that it is difficult to tell that the vehicle is a convertible when the roof is up. The lack of a B column enhances its appearance dramatically, making it stand out from other luxury cabriolets in the same price bracket.

It takes 20-seconds to raise or lower the roof, thanks to its ingenious design and powerful hydraulic system. With the touch of a single button, the roof divides into three segments and smoothly transitions into the boot. It is an impressive sight that really showcases the strength of German engineering!

Of course, there is a downside to having a full metal folding roof, which is the additional weight. The additional materials required to strengthen the cabriolet’s frame makes it a full 230-kilograms heavier than the 4 Series Coupe. This has an impact on the responsiveness of the vehicle, which is why many owners opted for the larger 435i petrol engine.

BMW spent a lot of time improving how the 4 Series vehicle handles wind noise with the top down. The end result is a car which is surprisingly quiet when driving with the folding roof retracted. It is easy to have a conversation when driving at high speeds, particularly if the wind deflector is in place and the windows are wound up.

The F33 is also very quiet with the roof up. This is largely due to the noise-absorbing headliner, which also improves passenger comfort in cold weather. The interior roof also features lamps that beautifully illuminate the interior.

The boot of the BMW 4 Series Cabriolet F33 has a unique pivot function which allows you to lift the folded roof out of the way. This makes placing cargo into the boot much easier. There is also a collapsible middle seat which allows you to remove the wind breaker and place long items into the car — a great feature!

At launch, the convertible was £5,000 more expensive than the coupe with prices starting at £35,000. Given the complexity required to make the incredible folding roof, this was a surprisingly good deal! It offered excellent value-for-money compared to comparable vehicles from manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and Audi.

Maintaining the BMW 4 Series cabriolet F33 folding roof

The early BMW 4 Series cabriolets are now approaching the end of their manufacturer warranty. This means owners will be the ones paying for any issues that affect the folding roof on their vehicle from now on.

While watching a complex metal folding roof is impressive, its important to be aware of the problems that face these kinds of roofs. They involve technologically advanced systems and require regular maintenance.

To ensure that the roof on the F33 continues to function smoothly in the long-term, the hydraulic fluid in the lifting mechanism must be checked, hinges and pivots should be lubricated, and grime should be removed from roof seals. The roof drains should also be cleared regularly to prevent water buildup that can cause corrosion.

Fortunately, Cayman Autos is available to help you with BMW 4 Series cabriolet F33 folding roof maintenance. Our repairs are performed by talented professionals and come with a 1 year warranty! If you need help looking after your convertible roof, contact us today on 01737 761599 or visit the shop at 51 Ormside Way Redhill, Surrey RH1 2LG.

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