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Tips for Maintaining a BMW Convertible Roof

A BMW Convertible is a relaxing, fun way to travel through busy cities or rolling country sides. In warm, dry weather, the BMW convertible soft top can be retracted so the driver can enjoy riding in the open air. In cold, wet weather, the top can be left in position so the driver stays warm and dry.

A convertible’s versatility gives the driver more options and features than a regular vehicle. Because a BMW convertible is different from a regular BMW it is important to properly maintain the convertible’s soft top for maximum enjoyment. Each part of the convertible’s soft top should be regularly inspected for problems or deterioration. Steps should also be taken to properly clean and protect each part of the soft top by using the appropriate products and accessories. Here are Cayman Auto’s top tips!

  1. Be familiar with the different parts! You should also periodically inspect the different parts for deterioration and assess if a repair is required
  2. Regularly clean the different components for maximum longevity. Cayman Auto can handle these inspections for you. The products used to clean and repair the soft top should be appropriate for the soft top material. The soft top on a BMW convertible can have either a glass or plastic window. The window is part of the soft top and retracts with the top. Soft top windows use different cleaning products that are made especially for the type of window. Make sure you use the correct window cleaner to prevent damage
  3. A BMW convertible can be electrically or manually retracted. An electrical retraction or power top allows the driver to use a switch to retract the soft top or fold it down. A manual retraction or manual top requires the driver to unlatch the soft top from the windshield and manually fold the top down. The driver must then pull the top backup and re-latch it into position to restore the top. The convertible’s owner should make sure that the electrical or manual retraction mechanism for the soft top is working properly. The electrical components, such as the switches and fuses, should all be working properly with a power top. The hydraulic pump should be checked for proper fluid level and leaks.
  4. The first step to maintain the soft top on a BMW convertible is to wash the soft top at the same time as the rest of the convertible. The soft top should be fully raised into position and not retracted when washing the convertible. Some people don’t actually do that!
  5. Get in the shade! The convertible should be washed in the shade rather than the sun-contrary to the belief that the sun will help to dry it! The soft top should then be allowed to dry completely to prevent mould or mildew growth. The soft top should not be retracted until it is completely dry.
  6. Once the convertible and soft top are completely dry, the next step to maintain the soft top is to apply a protectant to the soft top to preserve the material and protect it against weather-related deterioration. This helps prevent fading and discolouration. It also acts as a repellent against water, oil, grease, and dirt. If an electric soft top does not retract and fold down correctly, the electrical switches or fuses may be faulty. If the frame is out of alignment or bent, a qualified auto mechanic like us should repair the damage. With an electrical folding roof, checking anything other than fuses is tricky for the owner. If the roof refuses to operate give us a call.

We look forward to welcoming you and your BMW to Cayman Auto’s and with the summer around the corner, there’s no better time to get roof ready!! Our diagnostic fee is only £80 plus vat – it is crucial that the repair required is diagnosed accurately.

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