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Rain, Rain Go Away: Water Ingress Issues

With the rainy season creeping up on us, we are already starting to see many cases of water ingress issues in various car models. There is nothing more annoying than discovering water ingress in your car and so we decided to write a blog post outlining the basics of this common problem – a problem we are experts at correcting!

What on earth is water ingress?

Quite simply put, water ingress is when water sneaks its way into your car from various possible locations; this is more common after a heavy rainfall but can happen at any time. Generally this happens when the seals deteriorate due to road dirt and grease.

Doctor, please tell me I don’t have it!

We wish we could give you the ‘all clear’ but unfortunately we often see water ingress symptoms in many different forms. More common signs of water ingress include: electrical, computer, and sensor failures, rust, bad smells and high humidity inside the car causing it to fog up. Of course there are many other problems you could be facing that point to water ingress issues, we’ve listed them all on our website so click here if you’re suspicious or just want to be better informed.

What kinds of cars are more susceptible?

A repeat offender is the VW Eos; we strongly suggest that owners of this vehicle check for water ingress. Water build-up in the boot can turn into damages in the pump which causes the roof operation to fail, we recommend that you check the boot rear of the car next to the spare wheel, if the foam is wet around the spare then we would advise you come to see us ASAP.

Of course, the VW Eos is not the only problem vehicle, we often see these water issues in the Vauxhall Twin Top and Tigra, Audi A3’s and Ford Focus CC along with other makes of Porsche, Audi and Mercedes. For a full list of vehicles we often see with these problems, please click here.

Cayman Autos has the cure…

Now, we can’t go giving away our secrets but we can tell you that we have very high quality equipment and put strong emphasis on proper and accurate diagnosis. We work very hard by testing your vehicle for water ingress using very sophisticated technology called a water hose… but seriously though, our experts have immense experience in diagnosing and repairing water ingress, we do not return your vehicle until we are 100% satisfied and we recommend the vehicle is returned to us after six weeks for further testing after the repaired seals have had time to bed down. All of this is included in the initial repair cost and we also give a one year guarantee, so rest assured, we’ll have you dry in no time and promise that you’ll stay that way.

For more information on this issue please contact us: info@caymanautos.co.uk we’re always happy to help.

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