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Clean & Treatment of Convertible Roof & Boot Seals

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An important item to give consideration to is the seals on your soft top or hard top folding roof system. The seals on your cabin and boot area are crucial and often get overlooked when cleaning and caring for your cherished cabriolet.

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The seals play a fundamental part of keeping your convertible water tight from the sometimes wet and windy British weather. A seal cannot do its job properly if the 2 contact surfaces are not clean – a tight seal is not permitted from dirt and debris build up.

We would recommend that seals are inspected regularly when cleaning the outside of your vehicle and if a build-up is noticed then it is important to address this before it becomes and problem and you notice water inside the vehicle.

Water ingress is destructive, smelly and a nuisance and can impact on the electrical components within the roof system and vehicle itself leading to costly repair bills and an unpleasant ride.

Cleaning and treating the rubber seals with a lubricant called Krytox is an essential part of the cabriolet roof system’s maintenance and depending on where the vehicle is parked, we would recommend an annual clean and treatment of the roof and boot seals.

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