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Guide to Astra Twin Top Convertible Roof Problems

astra twin top convertible roof problems

The Vauxhall Astra Twin Top arrived to the cabriolet market in 2006 and was produced until 2010. The hard top folding 3 piece metal cabriolet roof replaced the previous soft top folding Astra Cabriolet G – the hard top roof being able to be operated from the key and at speeds of up to 18 mph.

The three piece folding metal roof allows the roof system to be stored more compactly than other hard top 2 piece folding roof systems for better boot space and a shorter rear end.

The Vauxhall Astra H Twin Top offers all the refinement and performance of the regular hatchback model despite the folding roof, and the amount of space for passengers and luggage is not diminished too greatly.

With any folding roof system it can come with its faults and we are going to take a look at the common questions and problems that Vauxhall Astra Twin Top owners often encounter with the hard top folding cabriolet.

Common Vauxhall Astra Twin Top Problems

There are many cabriolet roof faults with the Vauxhall Astra H Twin Top, due to the complexity of its three piece folding metal roof system.

  • Convertible roof is stuck open/shut
  • Beeping alarm sound when driving warning the roof is not shut down and locked correctly
  • Boot lid catch does not release or you are unable to access boot area
  • Flap motor fault
  • Wiring loom repair fault
  • Water ingress to cabin or boot area
  • Cabriolet Roof Ecu fault

It is imperative that the technician diagnosing the fault is familiar with the Vauxhall Astra Twin Top capabilities and roof problems and has the correct Vauxhall Tech 2 diagnostic tool to help assist locating the fault and the repair required.

In this blog we are going to take a look at the common faults we see with the Vauxhall Astra H Twin Top folding roof and maintenance tips to keep your hard top cabriolet in tip top condition.

The folding three piece metal roof is a great design and a good choice for a practical family cabriolet.

Unlike soft top folding roofs, if there is an operational fault and roof failure, the system can get itself into a muddle and can refuse to lift and close or stick halfway, rendering the vehicle un-driveable.

If you notice a problem it is important to act fast and not ignore an unusual symptom of the folding roof mechanism. Mechanical components can fail due to wear and tear or can be effected by water ingress to the cabin or boot area.

Here are some common questions we find that Vauxhall Astra Twin Top owners ask us;

How do I close my Vauxhall Astra Twin Top Roof that is stuck open?

If the Astra twin Top cabriolet roof system refuses to close and sticks in the fully open position it is important to get the fault diagnosed immediately.

With the system fully open, whilst an airy ride to your nearest convertible roof specialist, it is important that a qualified technician manually closes the roof system and diagnoses the fault.

Do not be tempted to force or manually strain the roof system as this can lead to additional parts that can be broken unnecessarily.

Sometimes the folding top can get stuck halfway, leaving the driver and its occupants in a compromising position. If in doubt we would recommend contacting your local garage to ask if they are able to help close the system manually or call for roadside assistance from your recovery company. You can also call Cayman Autos for advice: 01737 761599

Step by Step Guide to closing your Astra Twin Top Convertible Roof

  • Make sure all the windows are in the fully open position
  • Ignition is turned off
  • Handbrake is applied
  • Open the boot
  • Use a screwdriver to push through the square to gain access to the allen key hole
  • Insert a 5mm allen key and turn anticlockwise to release the hydraulic pressure
  • Using a screwdriver unclip the rubber ended pull cords from the inner edge of the panels on both sides
  • You will need assistance for the next step – pull these cords at the same time to lift the boot lid from the hinge end up and out towards the back of the car
  • Remove the large motor driven flaps from the underside of the boot lid. Unplug the units from the wiring loom and remove the three screws and carefully remove the unit from each side
  • Lift the parcel shelf complete with the outer flap units up and over to the front of the vehicle
  • Manually wind in the parcel shelf flaps completely on both sides
  • Now with the help of an assistant lift the roof out of the boot area and carefully and evenly place on the front screen area – this roof compartment is heavy – caution must be used when lifting
  • Pull back the boot lid to the original resting place and close the boot
  • Finally lock down the roof manually placing a screwdriver into the tooth wheel area and shaft into the U notch located on the roof arms and employ a levering action to lock the roof on both sides of the vehicle.

astra twin top folding roof

Frequently Asked Astra Twin Top Questions:

Help! The parcel shelf flaps are getting stuck on my Astra Twin Top

This is a common failure of the parcel shelf flap motors when the motors can stick. The plastic gears within the Astra Twin Top parcel shelf flap motors can strip, the motors can turn but the flaps do not operate.

At Cayman Autos we have these parcel shelf flap motors in stock ready to be installed whilst you wait following diagnosis. Our repairs come with a 1 year warranty for added peace of mind.

I have a beeping alarm sound on my Astra Twin Top when driving warning the roof is not shut down and locked correctly

The alarm on your Astra Twin Top hard top convertible may be warning you whilst driving over a certain speed that the cabriolet roof system is not locked in placed correctly or the convertible roof system is not recognising the sequence has completed and closed correctly.

Often owners have trouble accessing the boot area on their Astra Twin Top boot area. This is usually accompanied with the warning alarm. The boot will not open if the system does not recognise the roof’s correct position.

There is a fault with your convertible roof and this needs to be diagnosed correctly to establish the repair required.

I have a fault code for my Astra Twin Top convertible – what repair is required?

The roof ECU is the computer that centralises the roof operation and communications for all the roof components within your Astra Twin Top convertible. Technicians are able to draw fault codes from this unit. This however does not provide the user with the repair required – simply it guides to the location of the fault and further diagnosis with the vehicle is required to diagnose the repair required.

I think I have a wiring fault in my Astra Twin Top Cabriolet Roof System

There are a series of wiring looms within the boot and roof area of your Astra Twin Top roof system and it is important to locate the break in the loom and carry out the necessary repair or replacement.

Corrosion can lead to a wiring loom failure if water has entered the vehicle or chaffing of the loom due to age and deterioration.

It is essential that the location of the break or deterioration is chased and repaired or replaced correctly – we often see poor wiring repair attempts to these vehicles that do not last and lead to further roof problems.

At Cayman Autos, our repairs come with assurance of a 1 year warranty and most repairs can be diagnosed and completed on the day of your visit as we carry most parts in stock for the Astra Twin Top convertible.

astra twin top water ingress problems

How to I get rid of water Ingress into the Astra Twin Top cabin and boot area?

Water ingress to a cabriolet for all makes and models can be destructive, smelly and a nuisance to the driver and occupants.

It is important to act quickly and resolve the water issues as prolonged dampness to the vehicle can lead to a convertible roof malfunctions and other electrical failures.

Often drains can become blocked and this leads to water ingress and also poor maintenance to the roof and boot seals.

We would recommend that the cabriolet seals are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis as dirt and grime can build up on the seals. This can in turn lead to water penetrating through the dirt particles into the vehicle.

The seals should be clean and dirt free and a solution called Krytox applied sparingly and massaged into the seals to rejuvenate and restore the existing seals.

In some cases, the roof seals can become misshapen or torn and in these instances may need to be replaced.

Once the source of the water leak is identified and remedied, it is important to thoroughly dry the vehicle’s carpets and upholstery. Ideally an industrial dehumidifier is great for this and where possible carpets and seats should be removed.

Alternatively, ensure on a warm dry day the vehicle is aired and dried in the summer sunshine whenever possible.

Bottom Line

We hope you have enjoyed reading our post with some of the faults we encounter regularly at the Cayman Auto Services workshop. We always recommend that a convertible roof expert diagnoses the fault correctly and carries out the necessary repairs.

It is important to keep your cabriolet roof system serviced annually by greasing and lubricating the pivot points to ensure the roof system is maintained and trouble free. At Cayman Autos we are able to carry out a service to your roof system whilst you wait within the hour – call us for prices and availability.

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