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The Mini Challenge — Round 2 and 3 Update!

The 2016 Mini Challenge Championship has provided motorsports enthusiasts with some thrilling races so far this year! For most races, there have been mere milliseconds separating the drivers competing for podium places.

Cayman Autos are sponsors of car #21, which has featured prominently in the Mini Challenge Championship races so far this year. Our “Cayman Blue Machine” is driven by the talented Adam Davey — a young driver with the right combination of technical skills and a passion for motor racing. He has pushed the little car to its limits and achieved some fantastic results this season.

In round 1 of the championship, Adam managed to land a podium place for Cayman Autos #21, which we were very excited about. It was also a milestone for Adam, with the result being his first podium place at Donington park.

Round 2 at Silverstone Race Track

Round 2 of the championship was held at the legendary Silverstone race track over the weekend of the 28/29th of May. The weather was perfect for racing with mostly clear skies and a dry track.

The track was shared by Minis from 3 different classes, the Cooper S, the Cooper and the Open Class. That led to a crowded track and some hair-raising close encounters! It was very thrilling for the crowd, who were cheering loudly as the Minis flew around the classic Silverstone track.

The more powerful Cooper S and Open Class began to lap the Coopers towards the end of the race and the busy track tested the driving skills of competitors.

Similar to the races at Donington, there was little separating the drivers in the Cooper class. The drivers in this class are all highly skilled and determined to push to the front of the pack, which makes for entertaining racing.

The first race on the Sunday was perhaps the most action-packed. There was a minor collision on the first corner of the race involving 3-4 Minis. Paint was definitely exchanged between the cars, but luckily it wasn’t too serious!

Thanks to some great driving by Adam, he made it through the section undamaged and managed to get Cayman car #21 into a great position.

Later in the race, Gollin and Bamber came off the track at Brooklands corner. This allowed Adam to push into position #3 and secure his second podium place of the season! Despite the near collision at the beginning of the race, Adam kept his cool and ended up with a great result for Cayman Autos and his race team Excelr8.

Round 3 at Rockingham Race Track

Round 3 of the Mini Challenge Championship was held at Rockingham race track. This is a technical track with many tight corners that pushes drivers to their limits! The surface of the track is also quite abrasive, which leads to rapid tyre wear on the Minis.

Davey had action-packed races over the weekend, with hard-fought battles against Will Neal — the brother of Henry Neal. Davey has previously raced against Henry in the Cooper class until he moved on to the Mini JCW class. Seeing another Neal vs Davey face-off was a very familiar and welcome sight!

Racing is in the blood of the Neal family. Will and Henry’s father is the well-known racing car driver Matt Neal, who has contested in 500 BTCC races, won 3 drivers championships, claimed 160 podium places, and had 58 BTCC wins since the beginning of the 1990s. With a racing heritage like this in the family, it is no wonder Will and Henry perform so well on the track.

Unfortunately, the Cayman Autos car #21 didn’t achieve any podium places at Rockingham, despite some very solid driving from Davey. Adam is looking forward to the next round, which is being held at his favourite track at Brands Hatch on 16/17th July.

The Brands Hatch Mini Festival

The Brands Hatch Mini Festival has a strong focus on Minis with plenty of races, death-defying stunt shows and plenty of entertainment for the whole family. There will be hundreds of Mini’s at the show and a trade village for people interested in finding parts for their cars.

Alongside the Mini Challenge Championship races the weekend will see:

  • Mini Se7ens

    A regular at the Mini Festival – genuine pocket rockets.
  • Mini Miglias

    They are even faster than the Se7ens and are capable of reaching a 125mph. They are 1.3 litre slick-shod machines that power 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds — only 0.25 slower than a Porsche 911 Carrera!
  • Pre – 66’ Minis

    This covers the 1st 7 years of production –- regulations ensure cars are kept as original as possible
  • Supermighty Minis

    After making a debut in 2013, they are back!
  • Mighty Minis

    One of the UK’s most popular Mini Championships which debuted at the mini Festival last year.
  • Fastest Mini in the World!!!

    Mini’s will come together for a 1 off spectacle to compete in the fastest Mini in the World Allcomers Race – which Mini will come out on top?

The renowned stunt car driver Terry Grant will bring his show to the festival, with two shows on both days of the event! Terry has set a number of world records over his career including the most donuts while standing on the roof of a car. His shows are exciting, funny and a must see! The shows will take place in the live action arena behind the Pit Straight grandstand and will feature the circuit’s Young Drive MINIs as props!

Cayman Auto Services takes pride in supporting UK Motorsports!

The staff at Cayman Autos are car lovers who are passionate about motorsports! Our business takes pride in our involvement with the Mini Challenge Championship and we love supporting talented young drivers like Adam Davey. The Cayman Blue Machine can only perform as well as it does with the support of the team Excelr8. So, a huge thanks to the team including the team manager Justina and the team mechanic Mikey!

If you would like to learn more about Cayman Auto’s folding roof repair services please contact us today on 01737 761 599.!

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