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The Alfa Spider: Common Faults & Why We Love Them

When it comes to passion for their cars, Alfa Romeo owners are in a league of their own. This is especially true when it comes to unique, difficult to get hold of and stunning models such as the Alfa Romeo Spider 939.

But with this passion comes a long list of common issues that occur in this model of vehicle. From water damage to getting hold of elusive parts. The potential headache of keeping a Spider 939 in full working order can test even the most loyal Alfa owner.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most common issues we see on this model of car. We also highlight some of the surprising areas which are not an issue. Finally we tell you exactly why we think keeping these stunning cars on the road is worth all the hassle.

No Rust

With Alfa producing the Spider 939 up until late 2010, with the last remaining stock being sold in 2011, all these vehicles are getting to the point where common ‘old car’ issues are beginning to occur.

For Alfa owners, rust has always been a concern which has caused a considerable amount of headaches. However, with the Alfa Romeo Spider 939 this is much less of an issue. This is due primarily to the structure of the vehicle and the modern techniques used during manufacture.

Through the use of factory galvanisation and with the majority of the front of the car being made up of plastic materials, this particular model of the Alfa is surprisingly rust resistant. This is a huge benefit and a breath of fresh air for Alfa owners.

Elusive Spare Parts

So, with the ability to put rust on the back burner of ‘issues to deal with’. What is the biggest cause of concern with the Alfa Romeo Spider 939?

The answer to this is the elusiveness of crucial spare parts for this discontinued model of car. Unsurprisingly, as the age of this model continues to grow this will become of increasing concern as various parts need replacing more regularly.

Not only is this an issue across the board. But there are also some parts which are less reliable and more difficult to get hold of than others.

Flap Motors

One of these common faults are the cars flap motors. These motors are used as an integral part of the roof system, without which the automatic putting up and down of the roof would not be possible.


With the drop top feature of the Alfa Romeo Spider 939 being such a major part of its overall charm, this is a real challenge. After all, when the sun is shining, who wants to drive around with their roof up?

Although this part is still in production and available to purchase, the production rate is much lower than the demand. In fact, these parts have been back ordered from the factory since Spring of this year.

Hydraulic Parts

Perhaps more concerning and just to add insult to injury, the hydraulic pump motor used in the vehicle has gone out of production and can no longer be purchased from the factory.

In fact, we personally had the concerning challenge of fitting the last ever unit in the world to one of our customer’s vehicles. This has led to our pursuit of an alternative option for this repair and refurbishments to the hydraulic pump motor.

We hope to have found a suitable and affordable solution to this ready for the next summer season.

Water Leaks

Water damage is always a concern for classic car owners. Especially in the UK where vehicles are regularly exposed to wet conditions.

This is particularly concerning for Alfa Romeo Spider 939 owners and the effect this can have on their convertible roof. This particular model suffers from water ingress into the rear of the vehicle where the roof control unit is located. This often leads to water damage to the control unit and therefore often resulting in crucial convertible roof repairs.


With this in mind, it is imperative that Alfa Romeo owners get on top of these water leaks as soon as possible in order to preserve a working ECU. This leads to costly repairs and can also be cause for concern as the production of this unit was ceased in summer 2017.

This means that repairing the unit or finding a rare second-hand replacement is the only option for those facing this common fault. Personally, we use a test unit in our workshop in order to diagnose and eliminate any further need for repairs. We’ve had some great success using this process. However, we are only able to save units which are not too badly damaged by water.

The Real Reason We Love The Alfa Romeo Spider

There are common issues faced by owners of the Alfa Romeo Spider 939. From issues with water through to parts which are practically impossible to get hold of. With all this in mind, some may ask ‘why would anyone want to own one?’

Well, take a moment to stand back and appreciate the vehicle and you will understand why they are so popular amongst die-hard Alfa fans. The first thing which is so noticeable is its sleek design, oozing kerb appeal.

Set up like a true sports car with a drop top roof, neatly designed interior with two sporty seats. This is the ideal car for summer days, cruising with the top down winding around long country lanes.

Although of course repairs can be costly. When compared to other similar spec models, the Alfa Romeo Spider 939 is relatively affordable to buy. So, if you are looking for a fun car with all the charisma and style that makes Alfa owners one of the most passionate group of car owners in the world, this may be the car for you.


Fortunately, Cayman Autos is available to help you with Alfa Romeo Spider 939 folding roof maintenance. Our repairs are performed by talented professionals and come with a 1 year warranty! If you need help looking after your convertible roof, contact us today on 01737 761599 or visit the shop at 51 Ormside Way Redhill, Surrey RH1 2LG.

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