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Convertible Roof Water Ingress Repairs

Owning a cabriolet can be great in the summer sunshine, however lack of maintenance and blocked drains can prove a problem in the wetter months. Most owners with a folding top will have suffered the odd water drip and unfortunately if ignored can lead to wet cabin and boot areas which is unpleasant and uncomfortable for the driver as well as damaging to the electrical components in the vehicle and it’s folding roof system.

It is important to resolve the water into your vehicle and the UK’s wet weather has a tendency to test our cabriolets to the maximum.

At Cayman Autos we carry out a visual inspection with the owner, gathering and collecting information regarding the history of the cabriolet; where the water is coming in and with our expertise and knowledge of the roof system, we work with our customers to find the best way to reduce the water into the vehicle.

There can be many factors on an ageing vehicle that can contribute to water ingress and we take a step by step process to tackle each fault and the best most cost efficient way to make the biggest difference.

Water ingress is a problem for both hard top and soft top folding roof systems.If you have a water problem call for advice or complete our contact form.

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Common soft top and hard top convertible roof water ingress problems

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